The first step of settling in a foreign country is to find a flat and then a job. I needed to find a job since I already had a flat there.
I was lucky enough to find a job on my first week here (I had been through a few interviews in Paris for an international company that were established in Danmark). Many people have told me that I had
been very lucky because it is not that easy when you do not speak Danish.
When settling in Denmark a European has to apply for the European Opholddokument that allows to get a CPR number. Once one has acquired this paper, one can go to the Folkesregriteret in order to get one’s own CPR number (Central Person Register). The Folkesregriteret or “People’s registry” is a place where one get its administrative documents. It is very modern, has great service provided by friendly employees and you can get free coffees and teas which is pleasant compared to the French public service on which I am not going to make any comments today… After a couple of days you receive a chip card that you use everywhere it is needed. A CPR number is the “Open sesame” that gets your life in motion in Denmark; it allows you to get a bank account, pension, a mobile phone plan, declare taxes, and of course to work. You get assigned a doctor to which you can immediately go without having to pay for anything.
A CPR number is composed of your date of birth and 4 additional figures, Women get assigned a
even number and men an odd one. After some time with a CPR number, it feels a bit like
big brother, for instance, the prescriptions from the doctor and your medical history is on the
card. But at least, things work fast and you do not need to worry about carrying many documents around.