We had decided to move out of Paris on a February week end. Since we had a 40m2 fully furnished flat, we rented a 8m2 truck and put as many things as we could in the vehicle. The rest would be given or left away.

I compared various possibilities for this moving and the cheapest one was actually to rent and return a truck in Paris with unlimited mileage. Google maps indicates that Copenhagen is 1232 km away from Paris.  My friends from university who did the same trip 6 years ago told us that the one way drive took them 15 hour.

We rented the truck for 3 days and finished packing on Friday night at an ungodly 2am… On Saturday morning we woke up at 6am in order to pick up the truck at the earliest time, the aim was to leave Paris before 9am in order to avoid the traffic jams. Loading the truck was a hell, it took us 4 hours and the cat was quite unhappy to leave its flat. We finally left Paris at 11am. We drove smoothly to Belgium where the roads are not in a very good condition then to the Netherlands before finally getting to Germany. Germany was very very long, driving across it took us approximately 8 hours and the food was quite horrible on the highway. I had the impression that they have nothing else but those big sausages that make you feel sick after eating half of it… What is nice about Germany is that in some portions of the highway there is no speed limit, but when you drive a fully loaded truck you can´t get that crazy anyway. We started to feel the tiredness halfway so we had to consume a lot of diet coke, tea and coffee in order not to fall asleep… And this is fatal to your stomach if you´re not used to it. At 11:50pm we were lucky enough to get to Puttgarden on time (we pre-purchased the tickets so passed midnight we would have lost our tickets and have to buy some additional ones) where we took the ferry to Denmark. The crossing was nice we could get some proper food in a proper restaurant, the sea was frozen and we got to  snowy Copenhagen at 3am.

After a short  night sleep (woke up at 8am), we unloaded the truck and it took us far less time because Sean’s father was here to help, we live on the 2nd floor and could park right in front of the door. We took a short nap and back on the road again at 1pm. The drive back was painful because we were very tired and the German food seemed to sap more energy than it actually provided. The Belgian highways were very helpful because they are lit during night time. We finally got to Paris at 4am and had to wake up at 8am. The plan was to sell the futon bed to a guy so we parked the car just in front of the door to load it. Bad surprise when we got out because we were in the process of getting a fine for bad parking.It was finally cancelled as I was literally  in tears in front of the police due to the effects of that tiring trip. The rest of the day was spent running around, cleaning the flat, bringing back the truck, getting out garbage and unsold furniture. On the following day I handed back the flat with no additional bad surprises, and the day after had to wake up at 4am in order to catch my plane to Copenhagen.

Those 5 days were horrible in terms of sleep and stress. Next time I will have to move in another country, I will make sure some company does the moving for me. But I am glad we managed to do all that safely.